Summer Bedroom for Girls - Summer is a good time to make a girl a makeover to give the room. They do not go to school and then time and energy to take an active role in the project. Update your room during the summer can make you feel more mature when they return to school in the fall. The revision of the room is adequate compensation as grade benchmarks in primary and secondary schools. The new device will make you feel like you are entering a new phase of his life as an adult.

If the room is almost pink, many girls room, girls may want to look at life with a different color for some time. The emerald green female remains deeply conventional as ruby red and navy. However, the bedroom furniture should not all be the same color tone. Several complementary tones bounce off each other and give the impression of a style without much effort from the designer. For example, the yellow light accent colors of green and blue, fine. Small amounts of elegance, look pink against the red, despite the old rule against fellow pink and red together. Put them side by side is bold and modern suits a girl.

The carpet or rug should be in the darkest tone of the chosen colour. The bed's comforter can be in a slightly lighter shade or have a pattern on it that incorporates that colour somehow. Common choices are plaids and florals. The accent shade will be used for the curtains and for other small accessory items. The walls can be painted in alternating light shades of the dominant colour. A dark shade can be used on the framing around the door and windows. Dark paint should be used sparingly. It becomes overwhelming very quickly.

It may be tempting to paint wooden furniture to suit the colour scheme of choice, but this would be a mistake. If the furniture may be painted, perhaps to cover old pink accents, the decorator should opt for a plain color like black or white. The bed and dresser should not blend into the rest of the room. These pieces will serve to contrast the rest of the contemporary design scheme with classic sturdiness. If a new bed is being purchased, it should be in an androgynous style that is not too ornate. Overly girly furnishings are immature and contradict the intention of this project. A daybed that rests in a corner changes the proportions of the room and frees up more floor space. This new space can be filled with a small couch or loveseat. A desk is another option, particularly if the room's redecoration is a reward for an academic achievement. An old-fashioned desk with a rolling top would help steer the bedroom's aesthetic direction. An electric piano or small entertainment centers are other possibilities. Some may actually choose to leave the space clean and empty.

The furniture should match as closely as can be managed. New high-quality furniture can be very expensive so it is not necessary to make sure that everything is exactly the same color. Dark woods always look good next to each other, as do items that have been painted the same color. One thing that should be avoided if possible is placing gold- and silver-toned metal pieces in the same room.

Interests of the girl to go to her room to give an update. Instead of decorating the wall, a girl who has invested in fashion, decides to go to the clothes on a clothesline on the wall. Alternatively, a large library or a storage unit are placed in this room. If the collection of songs from the girl to an office in his room, decided to choose a table to hold small accessories. A miniature useful for storing small items such as socks and functions as a bedside table.
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